Rare Races

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Rare Races

Post by Masmik on Mon Sep 05, 2016 7:13 am

There are also a multitude of rare races that can be applied for here on the forums. If you're approved, the race will be unlocked for your key and you can play as it, it's as simple as that.

--Rare Races--
Demi-God [Strong.]

Makyo [Strong.]

Nobody [Why don't I have a heart?...]

Half Demon [Self explanatory.]

Throwback Human [Humans with different builds and transformations.]

Majin [Bubble-gum?]

Changeling [Time to take over the universe, guise.]

Bio Android [I AM THE ULTIMATE LIFE-FORM] (But are you really tho?)

Android [Strong, intelligent.]

Makaioshin [Strong]

Mazoku [VERY strong.]

Lycan [woof]

Vampire [hiss]


Golem [Usually tanky, very adept at elemental skills.]

Manakete [Adept at magic.]


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