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Guide to IC

Post by Masmik on Mon Sep 05, 2016 7:17 am

Essentially, every wipe, the RP climate will change. However, during a wipe, you essentially create a character, and roleplay, with pretty much any theme you want -- for the most part, of course. The RP experience is supposed to be very flexible, and unless you're using a rare or a Tier S, the skills you're using should make sense as to what your character is themed upon rather than being the exact same as somebody else using said skill. Essentially, it's a sandbox, so, use it.

There are ranks that can bestow certain skills, and through character developement you can gain unique abilities from some of your favourite Shonen series. Each wipe usually has an over-arching theme or basis, and some wipes are essentially what is considered a "normal wipe" -- simply using the base planets and a simple structure. RP is best done with friends, as the more you RP, the more "Reward Points" you get. These can be spent on the skill tree to obtain skills.

You can be any alignment you want, as well -- so keep that in mind. Player villains are highly encouraged. Additionally, most wipes will have training in the game -- so sparring, fighting, etcetera, will make you stronger -- make sure to upkeep on that!

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